West Texas- West Odessa Dumpster Rentals

Why do you need a dumpster? The answer to that question can be a pretty long list. You might be starting up a construction gig involving a new home build or gutting of an old house. A kitchen and/or bathroom remodel will certainly create a lot of debris. Having a dumpster handy will make clean up from a large party or other special even go a lot smoother. If you're giving your yard a much needed make-over then you'll want something to put all that waste into. Those are just the start of that long list. You'll find that renting a roll-off container from West Texas Dumpsters of West Odessa will help you get all those jobs done and many more!

west odessa texas dumpster rentals

Street Vs. Driveway Placement

Obviously, renting a dumpster means you need to have the space to place the unit. If you're going in the street you need at least 60 feet of open curbside to roll the dumpster into. For a driveway you'll need a driveway that is at least twice as long as the dumpster you're renting. For most contracts either option can work just fine. When you make your first call into the Permian Waste Dumpsters dispatch center you'll be hooked up with a very knowledgeable staff member who will recommend the best choice. If you need to get a permit for the street, we'll let you know and where to apply for that permit. Most of that application can be done right online.

How Big A Dumpster Do You Need?

Contact our dumpster rental company if you are not sure. Only you know what you're throwing out but Permian Waste Dumpsters will have the right size roll-off unit for whatever the job. Try to imagine a 20 yard dumpster unit has the capacity to hold up to 20 washer machines (1 per yard). Then you can see how much you can hold with a 30 yd or 40 yd unit. There are also special units for specific types of refuse such as dirt, concrete or asphalt. We're not going to rent you a unit too big or too small but one that is just right!

How Long Can You Keep A Dumpster?

The short answer is "for as long as it takes." For a special event you can have the unit for 48 hours. For a longer construction job you might consider a weekly rental. During those extended contracts we can provide pick-up and drop-off of additional units. This means you won't have to skip a beat when it comes to your cleanup.

When you're ready for a dumpster Permian Waste Dumpsters in West Odessa will be ready for you. Call today to get a free estimate and to find out how fast a dumpster can show up at your property.

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